Top Selections: Our Favourite Low Rise Pants and Leggings

What makes Freddy's low-rise leggings and women's pants unique? All our pants feature Freddy WR.UP® patented technology that shapes and accentuates your figure while delivering unbelievably comfy pants that you can dress up (and down) to suit any occasion. 

New in Low Rise: Explore Our Freshest Denim Additions

Sitting on or below your hips, low-rise jeans are made to show off your curvy hips, waist and belly to accentuate your figure in all the right places. There's no denying it; low-rise pants are the new hot thing. 

The low-rise style has seen a comeback in high fashion runways and street styles. Hop on the hottest trend with over 50 styles to choose from – including leather-look, sport and classic denim in every colour – we've got you covered. 

Exclusive Deals: Shop the Best Offers on Low Rise Denim

We love low-rise pants paired with a dramatic crop and oversized jacket for an edgy look. Keep it classic with our Freddy denim low-rise pants, or make it chic with our range of low-rise fashion pants. 

We understand the low-rise style isn't for everyone. At Freddy, we are all about pants that make you look and feel amazing. Explore our low-rise denim pants collection or our full range of mid and high-rise women's pants

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