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What type of pants should I wear for my body type?

Finding the perfect pair of pants for our body type is like finding Mr Right - super hard! To those who’ve already found him, tell us your secret!

Never fear though, because Freddy is here to support you through all those unnecessary hot flushes you get when trying on a pile of pants, all in pursuit of finding “the one”. Finding the right pair of pants to flatter your body type doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be as easy as 1, 2 and 3!

To give us some expert fitting advice we asked Elyse our Store Manager from Freddy Chadstone, who has fitted over 30,000 women in Freddy pants, to break it down for us.

“I’ve never met a body type I couldn’t fit...yet! hehe. Freddy pants are designed to flatter almost all body types, so people are pretty impressed when they give us a go for the first time,” Elyse said.

What pants fit best for those who have an hourglass body?

“To flatter and accentuate the hourglass silhouette I recommend a low rise or mid rise fit. Freddy encompasses a silicone waistband that’ll keep your pants up and in place, and best of all, they won’t dig in like other pants, instead, they’ll comfortably skim the waistline due to the amazing flexibility of our pants.”

Freddy pants are available in a 7/8 length (those 165cm and under will fit as a full-length) or full-length fit if you are on the taller side.

What pants fit best for those who have a pear body?

“I highly recommend a high waist style. I love this look on pear body shapes as it highlights the waistline whilst elongating the legs. I have this body type myself and receive so many compliments when wearing my high waisted Freddy pants!”

What pants fit best for those who have a small or slim body?

“I absolutely love fitting those who come in with this shape, as they don’t expect the results they get with Freddy! Once they try on any of our styles low, mid or high, they are over the moon with how Freddy pants shape to their body and accentuate their natural figure! Instead of what they’ve told me they are used to, which is their body being hidden underneath a style or cut. Freddy fits like a glove!”

What about someone who is quite tall - Like 5’11”?

“A super easy one, any of our full-length styles will fit as a full length fit - no issues there. If you like an under the calf fit the 7/8 length is super cute with a heel! The mid rise styles are super popular amongst those on the taller side at the moment!”

What about our petite babes out there, what’s best for them?

“Love a high waisted 7/8 length or mid rise 7/8 length style as both styles flatter a petite height.”


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