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Your go-to fashionable yet comfortable pregnancy pants

Are you pregnant and are unsure whether it's time to vacuum seal away your jeans and opt for leggings and floaty dresses for the next 40 weeks? Yes to packing away those uncomfortable jeans - in fact, it's probably a good time to ditch them for good. However, you don't need to restrict your wardrobe to dresses and leggings only... 
Who says you can't wear fashionable pants during pregnancy?

Freddy pants are a cult product amongst pregnant women all around the world known for our unbelievably stretchy waistband designed for movement and comfort. And of course, we have our specialized Maternity pants perfect from the second trimester till birth.

First Trimester

You'll be thinking comfort first as your bump begins to grow. Something that sits below your bump, stretchy and stays up and in place all day. Low Rise are the perfect go-to for any stage of pregnancy, no matter what size your bump is!

Pregnant and fabulous, that's how Freddy makes you feel.
No need for shapeless, unflattering clothing when you have Freddy Maternity to keep you looking and feeling great. Our maternity pants are made with your comfort in mind and is designed to hug and support your bump while looking absolutely gorgeous and stylish. Our famous butt lifting technology is an added bonus of wearing Freddy pants. 

 You do not need to sacrifice style for comfort and vice versa- there is absolutely no reason why you can't have the best of both worlds during this beautiful time in your life. 
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